First day in college, first day in campus, a new beginning like some of you would say. The first day is the most important of all, this is the day where we establish your personality. So depends on which border you wanna be: the cool one, player guy/girl, invited at every party, or the one who want to study to learn more and more and has no time to party, or the one who is in the middle.

My first day in college was weird, I didn't knew anyone and I was kind of shy. But until the end of the day I made some awesome friends, they wanted to be the cool ones, those we would "set the ruff on fire" at every party. So somehow they decided for me on which side to be.
But I thing I was somewhere in the middle, because I wanted to study and to be the best in my class, but also to party in the weekend like an animal. At the beginning seamed kind of hard to do the both of them, but with time I got use to it.
In the evening I went clubbing and in the morning at classes. Sometimes I left the club and went straight to class. Was some amazing experience! And you meet with it only one time in life... IN COLLEGE!
So guys please don't  let experiences like this to walk away.
Also is best in college, the first and second year to not have a serious relationship, because you will miss  all the fun. In campus you will see that are plenty of  guys and girls who wanna have sex for fun and experience kinky stuff.

Three zodiac signs are left in the wind

A brilliant mind or maybe God left on earth, as many grass so many men equal distribute in 12 signs. Things where left like this so that we have from where to chose. In campus I found many of my girlfriends very interested about the sign that her boyfriend or in which horoscope sign is  the men that she was looking for. They all said that for a safe and healthy relationship and also for good quality sex  is important to be compatible with that person.
Said and done.  There are so tight in these 12 categories according to many small sub-bottom and others, that the grumbling to be and all that you do not have to  complain. Of course every man's package comes with an individual, inherited and acquired, which is terribly consistent and unrelated to any star. That resulting in a finite world, but extremely versatile big men.
Me I don't want that. Why bother with all the 12 signs when all I need are 3 to gave me anything I want. I mean why should I eat a hole cake with hundred of toppings, when a small piece of chocolate gives me more work and pleasure at the same time that I need.
I need one thousand fish, slip through my hands. Who cares what twins eat and why they don't stay once place. And really I don't understand what a man that is in the virgin sign knows what he wants after all: war or peace. Let someone else sing serenades to the solstice and Capricorn. To apply its mind in another game nasty scorpion.Sagittarius , I fail to understand you.. Leo, you and your tail me up. S And you, Libra for nothing you switch and  you keep up-down-left-right and give me the wheel. Aquarius, do not pour me somehow.
I like Cancer, Rams and Bulls. To them I want to sing .Now, do not exaggerate,it doesn't  happen to be overwhelmed by marriage proposals from all other signs and I deny them all. It happens that the mutual choice is right and not much to do. I like this zodiac signs and to they like me also.
How they identify me just those we are one this signs with the speed of light in a room full of women,  I don't know to explain. The fact is that if a man makes me feel like my glances persistent or appear to begin a beautiful friendship that everybody is beginning to see you win and then we know that in 82% of cases in terms of patron wearing zodiac.
We are dealing with a poor times and then I would expect a relationship full of craziness. .First  he will love me, until I no longer have a choice but to do the same thing myself, and then begin a dance incomprehensible. I will be trapped in his pliers where I don't have a change to escape just with some "injuries' in certain places.
But maybe it's ram and then I lit a torch. He will make me so beautiful yard, how for a long time I heard it didn't exist. I'll  think I met exactly what the doctor recommended me and that all searches are over. I'll feel a queen and then he'll leave, taking back all the magic dust.
But if a gentleman asked me to be his wife, after a while or even bring their pajamas  and then planning, then that's bull. Because is seen the work that bull + bull  to me is marriage.Taurus is known by gentle gaze and stubbornness that draws me in alcove, living and heat appliances. He knows how to threat me in bed, he makes love to me more like a porn star, actually I think that he watched lot of porn, since he is so good at it.  

Oh, why can not I meet  and eventually to accompany me, some others men from  the zodiac? Because like this I won't keep prisoners this 3 zodiacs because of my heartbeat fight that are left in the wind .